China Doll Plant Dying

Colin Mitchell Beier cbeier at
Thu Jul 27 13:58:44 EST 2000

dear china doll keeper,

i doubt it would be severely disturbed by the minimal air movement caused by
people walking past. wind speed is only really relevant when the air is very
hot or very dry (or both), which would likely cause high water stress.  even
in such a case (your environment is much more moderate), most plants will
'shut down' their light processes if there is water stress.  it seems more
likely that there is some fundamental problem, i.e. lack of water,
nutrients, or an over-abundance of those things, inadequate light (office
fluorescents aren't all that bad, however).  perhaps someone is dumping
their cold coffee in the soil ;-)

good luck.

colin beier
ms student in plant ecophsyiology
dept of biology
virginia polytechnic institute and state university
PJ <piaria1 at> wrote in message
news:ecMf5.19788$7a5.545233 at
> My workplace has a display of plants. The China Doll plant is loosing its
> leaves and looks to be dying very quickly. It only receives fluorescent
> lighting and the room temperature is around 70 degrees. The person in
> of these plants insists the problem is from people walking by it and
> disturbing by creating a breeze. I find this hard to believe and would
> someone's educated opinion.

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