Hydroponic Newbe

Gustavo Lopez tuolden at rice.edu
Wed Jun 14 13:35:28 EST 2000

Hello my name is Gustavo Lopez. I am a computer science graduate student in
Rice University embarking in a computer controlled hydroponics project (not
linked with Rice). I just started a couple of weeks ago with some research
in this area and have learned that the basic and most successful hydroponics
products are tomatoes and lettuce and think these to be good
experimentation/testing material.
But in order to control the actual necessities of these plants, I am
required to learn their needs and functions.
Could anyone please recommend books or online manuals as to know:
- Plant function (basic, intermediate, and advanced level)
- Hydroponic controlled mechanisms (shelters)
- Any other information you consider applicable (possible pest control,
measurement, water standard, person or institution that I can talk to, etc).

Thank you
Gustavo Lopez

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