Keystone Summer Institute on the Future of Plant Biology Educatio n

Singer, Susan R ssinger at
Mon Jun 19 09:38:08 EST 2000

There is still time to register for the Keystone Summer Institute on the
Future of Plant Biology.  It looks like a great meeting. You can check out
the details at  We'll be meeting jointly with the
biochemists and FIPSE and we are planning some joint sessions.  There will
be a session on where plants fit into the biochemistry curriculum.  We'll be
among the first to see the plant biochemistry book that the ASPP is
publishing.  We have some terrific information technology presentation.
Both C-Fern and Fastplants workshops aimed at the undergraduate level will
be available. There will be sessions on funding and assessment, as well as
discussions of plants in introductory biology and ways to integrate plant
biology into the curriculum.  Keystone is beautiful and there will be
wonderful colleagues to interact with.  We're also planning a field trip
that will explore Colorado flora.  Maybe you have a biochemist at your
institution that would like to join you as a team.  We're also emphasizing
the role professional societies can play in educational reform and several
of our plant societies are sending team.
    Hope to see you in Keystone July 23-26!
All the best,
Susan Singer


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