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We are employees of Raytheon Company in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, making a difference in improving the environment around our workplace. As a member of the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC),  Raytheon encourages its employees to participate in "Wildlife at Work". This program brings employees  together with local organizations to:

1) Perform a wildlife inventory of our worksite, 
2) Develop a wildlife management plan which encourages diversity, 
3) Execute the management plan, documenting  progress, and 
4) Verify progress through periodic surveillance.

We have prepared a website at: http://rewhc.org  which documents our progress and has downloadable checklists for different types of wildlife.  We also have info files for each species which provide a wealth of links for species identification and management.

We have a photo library which depicts the progress of our wildlife management per ecosystem zone on our campus.  Statistical reporting from our on-line database provides biodiversity measures used for program planning.

Please feel free to come out and visit us at http://rewhc.org.  Leave a guestbook entry, identify some of the species in the photo collection.  We'd love to hear from you.


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