Getting rid of unwanted trees Help!

Phyloe phyloe at
Sat Jun 24 15:10:26 EST 2000

  My house has rental property on two sides.  The renters do not care about
yard care and the landlord does not worry about it either.  The result is
that there are trees growing on the back half of the lots.  These trees over
hang my yard and drop limbs, leaves, walnuts, and berries in my yard.  In
addition the limbs hang over and prevent me from walking in parts of the
yard.  I want to kill the trees back so they do not intrude on my property.
I have a constant battle with the weed/vines in my fence because no one
bothers with this overgrowth.  How can I kill the trees so they will not
cause me these problems.  Normally I like trees and have two 50 year old
Oaks in my yard which are home to several squirrels.

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