Arisema sikokiana(sp?)

Ross Koning koning at
Wed May 3 15:24:05 EST 2000

I would recommend planting your seedlings in a shaded
and fertile area outside so that the corm can become
acclimated to the seasons starting just after your last
frost this spring (almost now). This will give them a
good start on a great corm for next year, and if you give
them a good mulch this fall, you should have them flowering
probably next spring!

In my experience, too long in the hothouse puts plants on
a "wrong" dormancy/growth pattern because they don't get
synchronized with the temperature cycles outdoors.


At 7:12 PM 5/3/0, Robert Morris wrote:
>        Last year, my Arisema fruited for the first time and I now have a
>flat on
>my windowsill with 26 seedlings in it.  I had thought next to pot them up
>and put them on my porch(near Philadelphia, PA, USA) to let them grow over
>the summer and fall and then to put them in the ground next spring when
>their mother sends up her shoot.  If any of this is really wrong would
>someone please correct me or offer other suggestions
>        Thanks
>        Bob
>Robert W. Morris, Chair
>Department of Biology
>Widener University
>Chester, PA 19013
>morris at

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