Jade plant is 25 years old...

Stephen Jankalski CEREOID at prodigy.net
Wed May 3 20:06:30 EST 2000

Dear Susan,

The "Jade Plant", Crassula ovata, is not as slow growing as your are

If the plant you have been seeing is just recovering after pruning two years
ago, the plant is being badly under watered and under fed. Well grown plants
will fill out within a few months and should be filled out by the end of the
year. Also do not trim the plant back to the old woody stems or it may not
recover. (That applies to any shrub.) Maybe that is what happened to the
plant you see.

I have seen Jade Plants being grown in southern California and Las Vegas as
a hedge. It is very resistant to rough treatment. (But not to Malathion.
That's another story.)

Cereusly Steve

"Susan Schenk" <sschenk at jsd.claremont.edu> wrote in message
news:3910B131.94413C7A at jsd.claremont.edu...
> May I ask why you want to prune the plant? Generally, growth is slow and
> naturally attractive. It will look terrible for a long time if it is
> pruned very much (I pass a bed of these every week that is just
> beginning to recover from a severe pruning two years ago. It will not
> look good for several more years). If the plant is too large for the
> pot, you might consider dividing it or removing entire stems and potting
> them up. They root very easily (allow cut ends to dry for a few days
> first).
> Good luck.
> Sue Schenk
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