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FOR TUESDAY , MAY 16,  2000
OUR 355% GAIN on Last Week's Stock Investment Pick - NOW WE HAVE A BIGGER AND BETTER INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY with 500% to 1000% Two Week TARGET by 35,000-75,000 MEMBERS!

ABRG Share Price Closed Monday, May 15 at .0875 - For a GAIN OF 17 % after Reaching a High of .099 (We ABRG Closed Monday, May 15 at .0875 For a GAIN of 17%  (Almost Hit the Dime!)----AFTER Reaching a High of .60 in January and .55 in February, 2000.  Oil and Gas Analysts Forecast is $3.00 to $5.00 by Year End!

ABRG  has a strong and loyal base of long-term investors who have been 
eagerly  awaiting the 
1. ABRG multiple newsreleases, with three on May 9 and 10 to NewsWires WorldWide.
2. This Present Daily Rise in Gas and Oil Prices, 
3. the results of the company's gas and oil drilling, 
4. ABRG's  New High Tech Division .com - First Domain Name (Princeton, New Jersey) Website Completion on May 10 at:
5. Domain name negotiations with multiple buyers and organizations.
6. ABRG purchase of 75% of Venture Oil and Gas Inc.
7. Permit Acquisition For Completion of Louisiana Pipeline
8. ABRG Successfully Hit 8 or the First 9 Wells in Alberta with over 80 more to be drilled.
Ambra's exploration and development plan for year 2000 will optimize production for the following eight projects. 

       Project Name                               Interest-Ownership

McNeil Ranch Field, Duval County, Texas                  12.5%
Erath Prospect, Vermillion Parish, La.                   10%
Cameron Meadows Field, Cameron Parish, La.               40%
S. Barataria Field, Jefferson Parish, La.                18.75%
Bastian Bay Field, Plaquemines Parish, La.               6.25%
Lake Washington Field, Plaquemines Parish, La.           75%
Charenton Field, St. Mary's Parish, La.                  40%
Red River Bull Bayou Unit, Red River Parish, La.         100%

Venture Oil and Gas estimates the potential gross daily production from these selected projects will yield in excess of 200 Net Barrels of oil per day and over 1,000 Mcf of gas per day. The combined net income from oil and gas production under this plan is projected to be approximately $2.5 million per year. 

By the Board of Directors, Ambra Resources Group Inc. 


9. Acquisition of Internet Marketing and Business Announced by Ambra Resources Group Inc. 
VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 23, 2000-- Ambra Resources Group Inc. (OTCBB: ABRG - news ), Information Technology Division has agreed to acquire the rights to three internet-related businesses: Office, an online office management and administration portal; First Domain Name Company for the sale of registered Domain Names and; The Real McCoy for online marketing of products which are ``the original'' versions of their respective lines. Ambra plans to continue the acquisition of businesses related to these services and will make announcements when the transactions are final. 

     Ambra Resources Group Inc., Vancouver
     Vancouver Investor Relations, 800/698-3377 or
More News and Info at:
Stock Tip Has   20,000  participants, coupled with all the  multi groups members and subscribers base,
should tremendously increase the value of this stock on its Seasonal Climb to the $1 Target by June 30.


REMEMBER - the MORE you BUY and the LONGER you HOLD, the higher the value
increases and the more you stand to profit.


AMBRA RESOURCES GROUP  is an Oil and GAS exploration company with several mining claims in
Canada.  ABRG has multiple Joint Ventures with the Gas and Oil Giants in the industry including EXXON, Mobil, Shell, including the Beaufort Sea Project.

Analysts Predict Expected Annual Revenues from all divisions (High Tech Division, Venture Oil, Beaufort Sea, Bastien Bay, etc. could reach anywhere from $43 million to $97.5 million!



Happy Trading and Good Luck!   We'll see you at the bank!


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CNBC TV Coverage Today Centred on the Increasing Prices of OIL, GAS and Oil and Gas Company Stocks ABRG is Your Best Opportunity to Buy OIL & GAS Co. Stock & WATCH the Price of Those Shares SOAR!!


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