sex determination in plants

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Dioecy seems to be most common in tropical areas and in stressful or
habitats. The flowers are most likely to be pollinated by insects. There is
a paper
published in Biotropica, September 2000, "Variation in Gender and
Dimorphism in the Dioecious Tree Dombeya ciliata, an Endemic to La Reunion
The paper also provides a good list of references .

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> Sex determination in plants can also depend on available nutrients, and
> may be the case in some plants that appear to be dioecious.  This is the
> case with Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum).  It is first sterile,
> then in 2-3 years it is male, then the following year if enough energy is
> available, it becomes female; then the cycle starts over.
> The first sex chromosomes were found in the moss Mnium.  I don't know
> which species, so I don't know if it was dioecious.
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