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Scott and Plant-edders:

I have a Super Market Biology handout I wrote (borrowed heavily from a
colleague I acknowledge!) for a teachers' workshop.  I tried attaching both
a Word Perfect and a Word version to this message but apparently the
listserve will not accept attachments.  If you would like the handout, ask
for it via e-mail to   kramer.8 at

When we took a group of workshop teachers to a supermarket in Columbus for
this activity, the manager nearly had a heart attack!  When she saw 20
people moving through her store with clipboards she thought we were her
competitors doing a price check!  Or maybe the Health Department!  When we
were in the produce department, the department manager overheard our
conversation and asked if he could join our group because he handled the
fruits and vegetables day in and day out but didn't know much about botany
and he was interested in learning more.  We didn't even charge him
tuition!!  The lesson:  It's wise to notify the store before taking
students there or even sending individual students there on their own.  The
students should be warned not to damage the produce or the packages as they
handle the merchandise.
Dave Kramer

>>Has anyone ever let their class loose in a supermarket as part of a
>>laboratory exercise targetting economically important plants?  I'd welcome
>>suggestions on how this sort of lab could work.  Thanks.
>>Scott Shumway

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