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What is the name of the species or is it an entirely new species? Can you at
least name the genus?

The chromosome number may have already been reported.

There is much literature on the chromosomes of Cactaceae. Many of the
articles outline how the chromosome counts were made in their Materials &

The basic number for the Cactaceae is X=11.

In any case, yours is a  question better asked in the Cacti_etc list. Many
professional botanists are members.

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> Hi,
> I am working on a project to describe a plant (cactaceae) which is the
> parent of a hybrid plant and I came across a problem. I realized that I
> don't know if the plant is diploid or tetraploid.
> If there is anyone or knows anyone which is able to help me by counting
> chromosomes of this plant should mail me the costs.
> Thanks for the help
>                                                                 Gert
> Gert J.A. Neuhuber
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