viewing cells

Monique Reed monique at
Tue Oct 3 13:42:32 EST 2000

Duh.  As someone pointed out off-list, ovules are multicellular.  That
will teach me to post right after coming in from the heat and bustle
of a field trip.  

Monique in Texas
where it is most uncomfortably warm for October

Monique Reed wrote:
> Does it have to be vegetative cells?  If you can get hold of
> gladiolas, the pollen is certainly naked-eye visible, and the ovules
> from a cross-section of an unpolinated/unopened bud's ovary will be
> single cells, right?
> Then there's a coconut.  Technically, all the milk and solid white in
> a coconut is one huge, multinucleate cell.  (It's endosperm, but there
> are no walls).  Interesting, but perhaps not useful for your demo.
> Might also conisder the moniliform hairs of Tradescantia filaments or
> Gaillardia flowers.  If the hairs aren't single celled, then each
> "bead" on the "string" will be, and they're pretty visible.
> Moinque Reed

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