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Wed Oct 18 12:44:50 EST 2000

Hi Pogo!

I hope you will put a listing together of responses you get.

Here, there is much pressure to offer on-line courses,
but frankly I don't see very much value in biology courses
without the experiential component in field/lab.  My department
offers NO on-line biology courses, and I doubt that it ever will
in spite of administrative pressure.

At ECSU all biology courses come with lab. Our placement
at Yale Cell Biology graduate program, and programs similar
to it is very high. Employers seek our graduates because
they can walk into a laboratory situation and begin working
almost independently.  Undergrads from a nearby research
university have a much more difficult time because they cannot
indicate on job applications that they have much lab experience at
all.  It is an interesting problem...undergrads graduating from
research universities having no research experience...  It
does get you thinking about mission and labels.

That's not to say that the on-line technologies are not useful!!
Indeed the oldest website on our campus is mine...older than
the official university website!  My URL below will show resources
available for three courses I teach...ON-GROUND as we say
around here for IN-PERSON courses. So my courses are "enhanced"
by on-line technology.


Professor Ross E. Koning, PhD
Chapter President ECSU-AAUP
Biology Department - Goddard Hall
Eastern Connecticut State University
Willimantic, Connecticut 06226 USA

Phone: (860)-465-5327
FAX: (860)-465-5213
Pager: (860)-744-2705
email: koning at

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> I was wondering if anyone knows of any university level classes in
> botany or horticulture that are offered online, preferably for credit.
> Thanks!


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