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Bill Williams WEWilliams at
Fri Oct 20 11:21:44 EST 2000

At 16:53 +0100 10/20/00, Judy Schmalstig wrote:
>We have a wonderful greenhouse, but it is located a 15 minute walk from
>the Biology building.  I asked the long-range planners to plan to build
>a new one closer to the building.   However, we are next to the
>administration building and a rose garden is OK, but not a greenhouse.
>They want to put it on the roof of our building.  However, being in
>Central Florida, I think that it will be too hot on the roof and using a
>swamp cooler may present some potential water leakage problems.  Does
>anyone have experience with a greenhouse on the roof which you can share
>with us?
>Thank you,
>Judy Schmalstig
>jschmals at

I don't think temperature is likely to be much higher on the roof 
than on the ground. However, the real problem with being on the roof 
is leaks into the [classrooms, laboratories, offices, fill in the 
blanks] below. In my experience, the question is not whether the 
greenhouse will leak into the spaces below, but when.


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