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> I agree that botany texts on websites or CDs would be excellent. Plant
> science societies, such as the Botanical Society of America and American
> Society of Plant Physiologists, would be the logical organizers of such
> efforts. Most plant science societies sell publications already, even
> online ones. They could provide quality control and credibility.
ASPP has recently come out with The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 
of Plants, which is very, very good (see  It will be a good test of the 
idea that a book can succeed, although it has an associated CD for those 
that need images to prepare lectures.
We have considered building some of the 2001 Advanced Plant Biochemistry 
summer course around it (  
Would this be a useful thing to do for those of you that teach in this 
area?  You can write me directly if you have comments or post to the 

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