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dennis roberts dmr at psu.edu
Mon Oct 23 15:34:44 EST 2000

david kramer suggested that i send this to you ... so, this is what i am doing

the http://www.webshots.com ... site is an excellent one ... i have been
putting lots of pics in many different albums there ... i seemed to be
"hooked" ... 

if any of these fall colors ... fall trees/shrubs are useful to you ...
then, use freely ...

have a good day

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>Suggestion:  Send this posting to plant-ed at net.bio.net.  This is a
>listserve serving plant biology educators.  Many of them would welcome your
>excellent photographs for use in their teaching.
>>anyone who likes fall colors might enjoy some of these pics ... if you want
>>to use them in any way ... fine by me
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