plant cells

Mary A Bisson bisson at
Tue Sep 12 09:59:03 EST 2000

How about using green peppers (Capsicum)?  There are large cells on the
interior wall.

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Kathleen Archer <Kathleen.Archer at> wrote:
>Dear Folks,
>I'm teaching a non-majors plant biology course this semester, and I'm
>starting a section on cells.  I'm trying to include as much real
>observation of things as I can, but am constrained by the fact that there
>is no lab, and the class meets in an auditorium.  
>Here's what I'd like to do, and I send this out to you all in hopes that
>someone knows how to achieve it.  I'd like to pass around a leaf or chunk
>of tissue that has cells of enough size to be seen with a 5X hand lens.
>I'm only shooting for them being able to see the outlines of the cells, but
>not anything within.  Any candidates?
>Kathleen Archer


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