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Scott Shumway Scott_Shumway at
Tue Sep 12 13:32:35 EST 2000

Dear Fellow Tree-huggers,

The difference between my college campus (Wheaton College, Norton, MA) and
an arboretum is that at an arboretum the trees are labeled with their
scientific names.  I am embarking on a project to label all the trees on
campus with Latin names, common names, family names, and relevant campus
information like "gift of class of 1902."

I would appreciate any advice from folks who have carried out similar
projects.  In particular I am interested in information on what types of
labels to use and how to purchase or make them.  I want these to last for a
long time, so I hope to use high quality materials.

Suggestions on funding sources and ways to incorporate the process or
results of the project into teaching would also be appreciated.

Thank you, Scott

Scott Shumway
Associate Professor of Biology
Dept. of Biology
Wheaton College
Norton, MA 02766
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