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Gilbert Baron gbaron at
Tue Sep 19 17:40:50 EST 2000

I went back to the site today and I think it is confirmed. The plant is
Polygonum Cuspidatum.
The stalks are like bamboo, the leaf nodes have the characteristic papery
tissue surrounding them, they are 8 feet high, the leaves are 5 x 7 inches

 made some more photos that I will put on the web site in the next week or
so when I finish the roll and get them processed and they have close ups.

The actual location is on the Root River Trail about 3.5 miles east of
Whalan. I got a nice 7.5 mile walk today.

I don't think they are a great danger as they are rather surrounded by woods
and I understand they do not do well in a hardwood forest.

The EXACT location of the 100 meter by 25 meter stand on the NAD27 DATUM by
GPS is

15T 0589452  Easting    91.88887 West
       4845092  North      43.75542 North

The current picture is a bit fuzzy but the site is

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> Gilbert,
> It looks like Japanese knotweed to me. (Polygonum cuspidatum)
> Checkout the URL below. It might have more information.
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