Biological Control in Greenhouse

John Mather jcmather at
Wed Sep 20 08:48:34 EST 2000


I don't have any specific recommendations as I've only dealt with two 
suppliers who've been good. But the following web page has a long 
list of most of the US suppliers and would be a good start.

The two I have used are IPM Laboratories (315/497-2063, Locke NY) and 
The Green Spot (603/942-8925, Nottingham, NH). Neither are near you 
nor me in Wisconsin. Both owners are very active in promoting and 
educating on the topic of biocontrol. They have excellent written 
materials. And they are honest about what works.

I have been using biocontrol for several years. It works very well in 
situations where plants & greenhouse are relatively stable. But in 
more dynamic situation (ever changing plants or poor environmental 
control) they are far less effective. You have to have the commitment 
to see it through from the beginning. because initially you can 
expect the pests to prevail. I can tell you as an old plant person it 
was hard to watch the pests win. But now that things are stabilized 
it I sold.

Good Luck,


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