another question from a high school teacher

Mr. M Kurtz rkurtz3 at
Tue Sep 26 18:08:59 EST 2000

I have an ambitious young student (11th grade).  She read an article last
year about treating a plant with asprin to help fight off tobacco mosaic
virus.  She found that it worked using lettuce as an experimental

The salycitic (not sure of spelling) acid can kill the virus.  Now she
wants the plant to produce the acid (apparently it produces in
naturally).  She will have to make, we think a transgenic plant.

The question is.  Is this a feasible idea, can a very ambitious student
make this happen.  Does anyone know of someone who works in plant
genetics that may be able to give her some advice??

Thank you

Richard Kurtz
South Side High School
Long Island, NY

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