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Wed Sep 27 14:27:21 EST 2000

>I just purchased a 4' ficus tree and am anxious not to kill it.  I have it
>located on a southwest wall in my home.  I live in SW Washington state so
>the climate is mild.  The tree can get bright indirect light but probably
>it's liting will be diffused by the clouds that we have most days.  No
>direct sun at all.  How often do I water, etc.?  Please give me advice if
>you can.  Thanks, Anita Gillard

Water only when the top of the soil is dry to your touch.  Overwatering is
the fastest way to kill Ficus benjamina.  Keep in maximum light but avoid
direct sun for long periods of the day.  Avoid drafts.

If your plant was field-grown or grown in a very bright greenhouse, it
might drop many of its leaves after you bring it into your house.  Not to
worry!  The plant will soon make new leaves that have just the right
anatomy for the light conditions of your home.  Aren't plants smart!?!!

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