question from a high school teacher

Anita Petrie A.Petrie at
Wed Sep 27 23:59:58 EST 2000

'Water stress in plants' is a pretty broad topic - what kind of research 
project? something for school, for interest? there are heaps and heaps of 
people working on various aspects of water stress. I have a colleague looking 
at water stress and germination in native grass seeds, Another looking at water 
relations with respect to wood anatomy in timber trees. I'm sure if you rang 
your local college/university botany or agriculture department they could help.


In article <20000925.210254.10742.14.rkurtz3 at>, rkurtz3 at 
>To whom it may concern,
>I have a high school interested in water stress in plants.  He wants to
>set up a 
>research project related to this topic.  Any suggestions as to good
>general literature on the
>topic or professors or universities that may be looking at this?
>Thank you
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