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Fri Apr 13 08:42:56 EST 2001

The McIntosh Apple Poster is now in full bloom on the Botanical Society's
web site:  or go directly to the poster at

Last summer the Education Committee of the Botanical Society of America
launched a project to develop a poster project in support of plant science
education.  We have produced a printed poster which also appears as an
online poster with accompanying educational materials on our web site.

My thanks to the artist, Brent Seabrook, for his knowledge and skill as a
horticulturalist and for his artist's eye as a photographer.  It was a
pleasure to work with Bob Hummel and Keith Cooper at the Ohio State
University Printing Facility which did an excellent job of digitizing the
images and designing and printing the poster.  The project would not have
been possible without the financial support (more than $3000) from
McGraw-Hill and the moral support and encouragement from their sponsoring
editor, Marge Kemp.  Steve Rice and Amy Russell at Union College have done
an excellent job in creating hands-on activities related to the poster.
Their carefully conceived pioneering work can serve as a model for
additional learning activities which can be added in the months ahead.
Finally, our overworked and underpaid web master, Scott Russell,
contributed many hours of work to take material from several contributors
and mold it into a unified design.  The Botanical Society is indebted to
each of these people, members and non-members, for their support in our
effort to improve the quality of plant science education.

If you have suggestions for additional activities related to plant growth
and development, apple production, etc., please send them to me at
kramer.8 at  If they are added to our web site, you will be given
full acknowledgement for your contribution.


David W. Kramer, Chair
Education Committee
Botanical Society of America

Asst. Prof. of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
Ohio State University at Mansfield
1680 University Drive
Mansfield, OH  44906-1547
Phone:  (419) 755-4344      FAX:  (419) 755-4367
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