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They're old, so if you hear of anything newer, I'd like to receive the

Conrad. 1956.  How to know the mosses and liverworts.  Brown Publishers
--pretty user friendly, with nice illustrations.  I don't know how good the
taxonomy is.

Crum.  1983(?)  Mosses of the Great Lakes Forest.  U of Michigan Press.
--Great book that will be a bit advanced for general botany students.  Very
good illustrations.  Although it is focussed on Northern Michigan, it should
include most of the mosses you have.  It has the added plus of Howard Crum's
sense of humor.

Crum and Anderson (don't know the year).  Mosses of Eastern North America.
Columbia U. Press
--2 volumes, and authoratative.  I haven't used it but I guess it's not for
typical botany students. 


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Can anyone recommend field guides or taxonomic keys that students can use
to identify mosses from New England?

Thanks, Scott

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