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>Dear plant-ed folks:
>One of my former students now heads an after-school program for grades 6-12
>at the daycare center my son attends.  She's looking for resources to plan
>science activities (not strictly plant bio, but including plant bio) for the
>students.  Are there any websites, books, or organizations that might be
>helpful to her that you would recommend?  I know I've heard of things
>(possibly in this group) that would be helpful that I can't remember now.  I
>was happy to hear that the non-science majors plant bio course she took with
>me inspired her to try doing more with science in her work!
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She will find some useful ideas for all ages in our website

For a start, look under Worksheets, especially Supermarket science.

But lots more, eg (these few are to do with trees and shrubs, but most of 
the site is to do with other plants):-

exploring horse chestnut flowers and buds:-


investigations with holly:-


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