Spathiphyllum house-plant is sick

{AGUT}DRCray {AGUT}DRCray at
Fri Apr 27 15:22:50 EST 2001

I have a plant of the Spathiphyllum species.  I received it as a gift 2
years ago.  It only flowers occasionally - only one flower every other
month.  One lower leaf dies when a new leaf grows in.  The lower portion of
the plant plant is turning all yellow as if it is overwatered, and most of
the lower leaves have dry spots on the edges of the leaves as if the plant
is not watered enough.  The plant gets only indirect light and is watered
every other day.  I do not know how to feed the plant.  I've transpotted the
plant - however, it has not improved or worsened.

Anyone know where I should be directed or what I should do?

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