Spathiphyllum house-plant is sick

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Fri Apr 27 15:40:55 EST 2001

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>I have a plant of the Spathiphyllum species.  I received it as a gift 2
>years ago.  It only flowers occasionally - only one flower every other
>month.  One lower leaf dies when a new leaf grows in.  The lower portion of
>the plant plant is turning all yellow as if it is overwatered, and most of
>the lower leaves have dry spots on the edges of the leaves as if the plant
>is not watered enough.  The plant gets only indirect light and is watered
>every other day.  I do not know how to feed the plant.  I've transpotted the
>plant - however, it has not improved or worsened.
>Anyone know where I should be directed or what I should do?
It sounds like it is getting overwatered. Very few plants need to be
watered every other day.

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