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>"Fisher, Roxanne" wrote on 24/4/01 6:36 pm
>>Dear plant-ed folks:
>>One of my former students now heads an after-school program for grades 6-12
>>at the daycare center my son attends.  She's looking for resources to plan
>>science activities (not strictly plant bio, but including plant bio) for the
>>students.  Are there any websites, books, or organizations that might be
>>helpful to her that you would recommend?  

The National Gardening Assocation publishes a book called
"Growlab: Activities for Growing Minds", geared for K-8.  I"ve used
it for 7 years in a week-long "Plants in the Classroom" workshop 
for teachers...and that tough audience gives it high marks.

The organizaitions web address is

Linda Heath
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