spectrophotometer opinions

Carl Pike c_pike at ACAD.FANDM.EDU
Wed Aug 8 08:34:14 EST 2001

I'm considering purchasing the Genesys 8 UV-VIS spectrophotometer 
(Spectronics) for an advanced undergraduate biochemistry/biology 
teaching lab, and was hoping that some of you could give me an 
opinion on its utility and dependability.  An important segment of 
the lab will be temperature-dependence of enzyme kinetics, and 
derivation of Km and kcat.  Thus a spec with a water-jacketed cell 
holder (or other temperature control) is necessary.

If any of you have experience with the Genesys 8, or a comparable 
model, I would appreciate any recommendations (or warnings) you might 
have.  Thanks.  Apologies for cross-posting.
Carl S. Pike
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