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CCC is probably Civilian Conservation Corps.  It was a Depression-era
work program that provided young men jobs in forestry and public
works.  A *lot* of the trails and facilities in national and state
parks are their work--good, solid, plain construction with stone and
wood skillfully used.

Monique Reed

sjohnson at wrote:
> good morning, plant-ed folks.
> i'm in the midst of reading barbara kingsolver's "prodigal summer,"
> a wonderful novel that ecologists and biologists may enjoy reading.
> one of the characters is developing a blight resistant strain of
> american chestnuts. in the novel, it is asserted that after the blight
> hit, americans were encouraged to kill off any remaining trees.
> encouraged by whom? dept of ag? food & drug? ccc is mentioned
> in the book - does anyone know what that acronym stands for?
> also any historical information on the blight or info on the progress
> of new strains (or websites describing these) would be appreciated.
> thanks,
> sandra
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