plants that form aerial roots

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Try tomatoes - they form adventitious roots very readily. Also,
we were surprised to find that the common houseplant
Ficus benjamina also forms adventitious roots, although a
bit more slowly than the tomato. Although we didn't include a
true root mass with the Ficus, a cutting in a flask of water has
developed adventitious roots. I mention this because this
plant is so readily available in nurseries and dept store garden
sections. - NH

>I am teaching a course called the Environment of Horticultural 
>Plants, and I am interested in doing a demonstration on flooding 
>stress and tolerance.  Would anybody know of some plants which form 
>aerial roots when under flooding stress?  I had been under the 
>impression (wrongly, I think) that common bean does this, but can not 
>find any information on this.  Any help would be appreciated!
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