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Go for a "wirless notebook classroom.  The whole outfit consists of a
cart with 25 laptops that plug into slots for charging.  Wireless
Internet connections allow all to roam freely int he rom and do work.
Can even walk them outside (nearby) and have class on the lawn.  Cost
for the whole thing which has cart, laptops, server, etc is around
$30k.  Compaq and Dell to name a few have versions of this.

A smartBoard is another useful feasture I'd highly recommend.  I believe
info is at, they will send you to a local rep for a demo et

Dave Starrett

"Schmid, Katherine" wrote:

> Our trustees are planning the "wiring" of our science
> building for web access, etc. and have just given us
> about ten days to come up with an itemized budget for
> equipment to be used in lecture rooms and teaching labs.
> What classroom technology have you found useful? Is there
> any reference material out there with a general overview
> of what's available?
> The only things I've used are a portable laptop-projector
> combination (bulky, dim enough that you have to turn
> all the lights out, students sleep and/or complain they can't
> take notes) and some plain old computers for web-based exercises
> and data analysis.  We are interested in both portable and
> "permanent" options.
> Kathy
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