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Perry, Jim jperry at uwc.edu
Wed Feb 14 17:51:08 EST 2001

Hi folks,

A recent article in American Biology Teacher prompts me to post this
message. The article is about "stopping your students from making drawings
in class by using a digital camera attached to a microscope." My first
reaction was to fire off a nasty letter about the authors not realizing the
value of putting a pencil to paper. But I digress and show my prejudice.

I'm wondering if there is a piece of software that would allow a prof to
place images on a web site, and have students take exams (lab practicals?)
sitting at a computer. I use Blackboard to a limited extent, but I don't
think it will do what I want. Ideally, the prof would not need be a
programmer or spend as much time figuring out how to do this as s/he did
doing a graduate degree. It seems to me that this might be a means to give
some exams without the problem of setting up a room full of apparatus and

Does any of the incredible expertise out there have any suggestions>


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