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Liz liz1485 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 21 22:27:34 EST 2001

If you are like me, sick of reading articles about what the latest item of clothing is that wont even get to your town for another year.  And quizzes on whether that football player who sits behind u in math class likes you.  I finally found a magazine thats for teens and interesting! Can you believe it!  Some adult out there figured out that a few of us have something underneath our hair (blonde or otherwise).  Anyway if your interested in short stories by anyone from Mark Twain to you and poetry from Nikki Giovanni (again, or you) then you must check out Cicada.  The next mag in the Cricket series.  Its for ages 14+.  You can send your work in and get paid in they print it.  Goto http://www.cicadamag.com for more info. 

P.S. No, I am not from the company I am a culture deprived midwestern teenage girl. Just thought I'd let u know.

Have fun,
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