old preservative

Jensen, Douglas P. doug.jensen at converse.edu
Mon Jan 15 18:15:01 EST 2001


In the process of cleaning out old junk, I have come across two large
bottles of a liquid that is factory-labelled as "Ward's Botanical
Preservative."  I've smelled it, and it isn't FAA, formalin, or alcohol.  My
best description is that it has somewhat of a minty/wintergreeny smell, but
it is more sickening, similar to the smell of crushed Conocephalum
(liverwort) thalli, for those of you who know it.

Does anyone know...What this is and what it is composed of?  Whether it is
still useful?  If so, for what?  If not, whether it can be simply disposed?


Douglas P. Jensen
Assistant Professor and Chair
Biology Department
Converse College
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Spartanburg, South Carolina 29302


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