vareitates levissimas non curat botanicus?

Bill Purves purves at THUBAN.AC.HMC.EDU
Fri Jan 19 00:03:17 EST 2001

At 04:50 PM 1/18/01 +0000, Dave Robinson said:

>Apparently, Carl Linneaus used to always say in Latin:
>"vareitates levissimas non curat botanicus"  
>Does anyone actually know what that means?

First, disclaimers:

I'm not a taxonomist
I've never seen that quote
I haven't studied Latin since my sophomore year in
high school, which was--YAAAGH!!--51 years ago

BUT what the hey... let me take a whack at it.  First,
the first word must be misspelled: It should be

Here goes:  "The botanist does not trouble himself
with trivial differences."  Seriously: I bet that's

And I hope that somebody who KNOWS will enlighten us.


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