vareitates levissimas non curat botanicus?

Robinson, Dr. David drobinson at
Fri Jan 19 18:39:24 EST 2001

Thank you everyone for all the knowledgeable feedback on the question of
what Linneaus' latin phrase (given in the Subject line) means....the best
answers are: "Botany does not care for very light (unimportant, trivial)
varieties (or differences)." or "The botanist does not trouble himself with
trivial differences."  

I got the latin quote from a paper concerning mutagenic analysis in
Arabidopsis.....the authors (Konz and Redei) were hinting that perhaps
Linneaus spoke too soon.  Now that I know what the phrase means I think they
are right!

Dave Robinson
Bellarmine University
Louisville, KY
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