vareitates levissimas non curat botanicus?

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Mon Jan 22 02:05:16 EST 2001

RE: vareitates levissimas non curat botanicus?Trivial differences would be
the realm of the horticulturist, particularly in the naming of fancy

Geneticists would also be particularly interested in seemingly trivial
single gene mutations.

Then again, their primary interests are other than taxonomic botany.

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Thank you everyone for all the knowledgeable feedback on the question of
what Linneaus' latin phrase (given in the Subject line) means....the best
answers are: "Botany does not care for very light (unimportant, trivial)
varieties (or differences)." or "The botanist does not trouble himself with
trivial differences."

I got the latin quote from a paper concerning mutagenic analysis in
Arabidopsis.....the authors (Konz and Redei) were hinting that perhaps
Linneaus spoke too soon.  Now that I know what the phrase means I think they
are right!

Dave Robinson
Bellarmine University
Louisville, KY

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