Educational resources for ethnobotany

Wilson Crone cronewil at
Mon Jan 22 10:00:45 EST 2001

A good springboard for your concerns could be the Society for Economic
Botany's education page:

and (putting in a plug for myself), I teach an online course on general
economic botany (sample topics at: [sorry about the
non-updated web pages]) this semester, as is Lyle Craker at U of Mass with an
herbs and medicinal plants course:,
if you want  more formal credit course situations.   Bill Crone, HVCC Biology

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manux wrote:

> Hello all,
> New to this list. I am doing my PhD in Artificial Intelligence, the basic
> topic is the study of how concept-like formations emerge from Cellular
> Automata. This involves a lot of machine learning techniques which as I
> have seem are being used a lot in your field.
> After finishing I'd like to move to the bioinformatics field. I am
> specially interested in using all my computational/AI skills to study
> medicinal plants.
> My question to you is, Could you point out to me some basic learning
> resources to learn the fundamental concepts I would need to know aboout
> biology/botany/genetics that would help me building foundational knowledge
> and also allow me to interact with experts in the field?
> Thanks a lot in advance
> Manux


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