looking for information on salt damage to plants

David W. Kramer kramer.8 at osu.edu
Mon Jan 22 13:45:32 EST 2001

>> Hi Folks,
>	I teach an introductory environmental science class at Middlebury
>College.  This spring, we will be doing a study of the effects of deicers
>(including rock salt, and the newer product, "Ice Ban" that the campus is
>using) on plants.  I am searching for information and photos/diagrams that
>relate to the physiological effects of salt on plants, visible signs of salt
>damage to plants, etc.  Do any of you folks have information, photos, or
>ideas of where to look?  Thanks.
>> Mary Gaudette
>> Environmental Studies Program
>> Bicentennial Hall 413
>> Middlebury College
>> Middlebury, VT 05753
>> (802) 443-2555
>	mgaudett at middlebury.edu
To see salt injury to roadside trees (spruce) go to

For a summary of the effects of several kinds of deicers on a variety of
plants go to

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