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Fri Jan 26 03:39:57 EST 2001

Hi Roxanne,

 I can't answer your question directly, but I can help you work it out!

You can calculate centrifugal force using the following formula:

g = 1.12 x r (max radius of rotor in mm) x [(rpm/1000) squared]

rpm = 1000 x square root (g / 1.12 r)

Hope this helps,

Dr. Andy Bettany
Research Scientist
Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research
Plas Gogerddan
Wales, UK

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>Dear Plant-ed folks:
>I want to do a photosynthesis lab with isolated thylakoid membranes for my
>Plant Physiology class.  I'm thinking of  something like the lab in
>"Experiments in Plant Physiology" by Carol Reiss.  Her protocol calls for
>spinning the crushed and processed spinach at 1900 g to pellet the
>thylakoids.  At Chatham we only have a small centrifuge that goes to
>2500rpm.  Will spinning in this centrifuge be strong enough to pellet the
>thylakoids?  We do have microfuges that are fast enough but I'd like to
>avoid dividing the sample up into tiny aliquots if possible.

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