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Thu Jul 12 09:58:13 EST 2001

I will be incorporating Blackboard (web-based course management software)
into my Plant Biology course this fall.  Blackboard allows you to post your
syllabus on the web, set up a class email list and discussion group, post
announcements, administer online quizzes which can be graded automatically,
and much more.

I hope to include an image gallery of slides which I show in class and
which students can use as study tools.

I also plan to give computerized quizzes which students can take outside of
class time (freeing up about 120 minutes of instructional time).  I would
like to include line drawings (leaf, stem, and root anatomy) which would
accompany questions like "identify structure #1 and briefly describe its
function."  Can anyone recommend a source freely available line drawings
which could be scanned or cut and pasted into Photoshop?

I would greatly appreciate words of wisdom from anyone else who has used
Blackboard software or the opportunity to tour an existing Blackboard
course site.  I'd also be interested in the answers to questions like "how
can cheating be avoided when using online quizzes?" and "is Blackboard
worth the effort, especially for a small class?"

Thank you, Scott

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