smoke thru wood?

Lee Hadden hadden at
Thu Jul 19 11:47:04 EST 2001

I've been able to have water flow through red oak and also hook it to
a gas line and ignite the laboratory gas exiting the other end.  As
for smoke, possibly if the smoke didn't condense on the cool inner
walls of the vessels, which is what may have happened in your
experiment.  I always make sure I have a "cooperative" branch before
using it in class.  I've also been told that this "leaky"
characteristic of red oaks is one of the reasons white oak, rather
than red oak  is used for whiskey kegs.

Lee Hadden

"Robinson, Dr. David" wrote:

> I just read something in the popular literature that claims that
> red-oak wood is so porous that you can blow smoke through it.
> I tested this in my local Home Depot and found the claim to be
> inaccurate (and embarrassing).
> Does anyone know of a type of wood that you CAN blow smoke through?
> or create bubbles with? ...seems like it would be a great classroom
> demonstration.
> Thanks.
> Dave Robinson
> Bellarmine University
> Louisville, KY
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