smoke thru wood?

Monique Reed monique at
Thu Jul 19 16:08:33 EST 2001

You can blow bubbles through a chunk of porous oak, provided it is cut
the right way.  It has to be a bit with the xylem running vertically,
preferably summer wood.  We do this demo in our Plants and People
course.  You don't get free-floating bubbles, but you sure do get foam
on the soapy-water end.

M. Reed

> "Robinson, Dr. David" wrote:
> I just read something in the popular literature that claims that
> red-oak wood is so porous that you can blow smoke through it.
> I tested this in my local Home Depot and found the claim to be
> inaccurate (and embarrassing).
> Does anyone know of a type of wood that you CAN blow smoke through?
> or create bubbles with? ...seems like it would be a great classroom
> demonstration.
> Thanks.
> Dave Robinson
> Bellarmine University
> Louisville, KY

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