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“The first book to document the entire history of the Lawsoniaceae

“Henna’s Secret History:  The History, Mystery & Folklore of Henna”
by Marie Anakee Miczak
ISBN 0-595-17891-X
356 pages
6 x 9 Softcover paperback
Includes bibliography, references, glossary, appendix and index
WCP, New York NY
April 2001
$21.95 (USD) / $35.96 (CAN)
Distributed by Ingram

BOOK HIGHLIGHTS:  Thesaurus of hundreds of international synonyms for
henna, comprehensive botany and chemical breakdown of the entire
plant, floristic kingdom data, medicinal attributes, cultivation
procedures, origins and much more.  From both a historical and modern

Lawsonia inermis ver. alba... “henna”. How much do you know about
this incredible botanical? Was it sensual Mehndi body adornment or
Cleopatra’s favorite perfume? An aphrodisiac or a treatment for
leprosy? An ancient Roman currency or a last right for the
dead? This book takes a fascinating look at one of the most popular
botanicals of all time. Never before has a book been devoted to henna
as a whole. Drawing on botany, archeology, phytomedicine and
folkloric history to define the many ambiguities and
misconceptions surrounding it, thus presenting for the first time an
accurate and complete history of henna.

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