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Thu Jun 7 11:48:44 EST 2001

Dear Susan,
  I had the same problem, and even when Carolina told me to request
Marsilea quadrata specifically, they still sent the hairy things that
didn't work.  Now I get them from Wards and all is well again.
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On 7 Jun 2001, Susan Schenk wrote:

> Hi, all. For a number of years we have included Marsilea sporocarps in
> our Intro Bio development lab. We got them from Connecticut Valley and
> they all worked perfectly, with the gelatinous ring emerging within
> minutes and small plants within a few days. CV stopped carrying them so
> I ordered from Carolina. These were clearly from a different species
> (over twice as large and hairy vs half the size of an apple seed and
> smooth) and none of them worked,  including the replacements Carolina
> sent when I complained. Do any of you know of other suppliers? I hate to
> give up anything to do with plants: there is little enough of that in
> the labs already. Thanks for any help.
> Cheers,  Sue Schenk
> Dr. Susan M. Schenk
> The Claremont Colleges
> sschenk at
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