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Caught you guys napping. An important figure in botany and horticulture
passed away recently and you apparently missed it.


William T. Stearn, one of the true giants in botany and horticulture has
recently passed away.

Take time to read his biography in the link. You may appreciate the irony
that the author who's book "Botanical Latin" is required reading to earn a
degree in botany was, in fact, mostly self taught and not a college graduate
himself. His contributions to the field have far exceeded those of most
other professionals in the field and probably will continue to do so for a
long time. He is a perfect role model for all who are truly dedicated to the
study of plants and that it is possible to achieve one's goals despite any

Cereusly Steve

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> William Stearn, the author of _Botanical Latin_ and _Stearn's
> Dictionary of Plant Names for Gardeners_, died last week, at the age of
> 90 years. As well as these popular works, Stearn was the originator of
> the _International Code Of Nomenclature For Cultivated Plants_ and
> numerous papers and monographs on plants and their names.
> There was an appreciative obituary of him by Max Walters in _The
> Guardian_, which you can read at
> http://www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,4198842,00.html.
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