CellFinder Microscope Slides

Bert Luttmer mylab at telekabel.nl
Sat Mar 3 09:31:37 EST 2001

Dear Webmaster,

We would be obliged if you could give a link to the URL for our CellFinder 
Microscope Slides in your Newsgroup 
http://www.bio.net/hypermail/PLANT-EDUCATION/   - 
plant-ed/bionet.plants.education Newsgroup Archive

CellFinder slides have a fine micro-pattern for relocating individual cells 
and micro-structures with an accuracy of about 5 microns.
CF-slides have found use in plant systematics and genetics at the dutch 
Wageningen University and in other places.

URL: http://home.talkline.nl/mylab/

Thank you for your interest.

ing Bert Luttmer
Aalsmeerhof 71
6843 VW Arnhem
The Netherlands


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