Fwd: ethylene gas and the growth of Brassica rapa

David W. Kramer kramer.8 at osu.edu
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Do we have any plant hormone specialists out there who can help this
student researcher?  A very interesting project!  Lisa sent this message
originally to Paul Williams who responded to her and then suggested she
contact me.  Now I'm asking for other to get involved.  I personally cannot
give advice about plant hormones.  Help!

Dave Kramer

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>Subject: ethylene gas and the growth of Brassica rapa
>Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 15:29:09 -0700
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>March 6, 2001
>Dear Dr. David Kramer-
>    I am emailing you on behalf of my student - since our school does not
>permit students to use email. We had contacted Dr. Paul Williams and he
>suggested we contact you.
>    She has been researching the effects of ethylene gas produced from Red
>Delicious Apples on the growth of Wisconsin Fast plants - Rapid Cycling
>Brassica rapa. 
>    She planted 120 Brassica seeds. She set up a control.  She has 4
>experimental groups - all exposed to ethylene gas; however some were
>exposed to ethylene gas as seeds - that is before planting - as well as
>after planting. 
>    She has observed some unique reactions from the ethylene gas...that
>is the plants in the experimental groups were shorter with an average
>height of 9.5 cm compared with the control with an average height of 12.9
>cm.  Additionally, the experimental groups seem to have small sexually
>immature flowers since all seed pods were small and are void of seeds
>capable of germination.  Experimental groups also experienced twisted
>stems, curled and yellow or very bright leaves, leaf abscission and
>reddened stems. The average germination rate of the experimental groups
>exposed to ethylene gas was 56.5 % compared to the control of 46%.
>    My student wanted to know if there has been any similar research in
>this area.  Also, do you have any suggestions that may help her in her
>    Thank you very much for your time and help.
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